Empowerment Who Really Needs

https://wp.me/p9ccOR-1v Ah!! What a lovely word to talk on…. When we think of empowerment all feelings, emotions, thoughts come running and get centered to WOMEN!!! Is she really so weak…? Is only women that needs empowerment and not MEN.I heard sometime ago , a dialogue from a movie“ MARD KO DARD NHI HOTA!! “Kyu bhai … Continue reading Empowerment Who Really Needs


Cheerfulness is like a catalyst which turns down the emotional turmoil into the rippling stream of goodwill and amity.Psychologically it has been proved that our brain can hold only one emotion at a time.If one is cheerful,he cannot be angry or be worried at the same time. Apart from this,every stressful emotion has its own … Continue reading BE CHEERFUL


The highway slogan “Slow down and Live Longer“is applicable in our day to day Lives. The invention of mobiles phones turning smartphones,social networking, has given us gift of stress and other lifestyle diseases. With its emphasis on accuracy,speed and eficiency,life today can crack even the toughest personality.To help survive today’s nerve recking lifestyles,relaxing should be … Continue reading THE ART OF RELAXING


Mind is a source of human personality.yoga is a technique of developing personality. Personality is divided into five levels : 1.NIRUDHA CHITTA means steadfast mind. 2.EKAGRA CHITTA means well concentrated mind. 3.VIKSHIPT CHITTA means occasionally concentrated mind. 4.KSHIPT CHITTA means distracted mind. 5.MOODH CHITTA means dull mind. For the correct understanding of the word “yoga” … Continue reading YOGA ITS ORIGIN